The Jump Start Program

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The Jump Start Program

We know how much work there is managing and growing a startup. There are a ton of things to do: managing your website, SEO, social media, hiring, coding, contacting bloggers, marketing etc. Work never ends and resources stay the same when you are bootstrapped. Plus, you are rapidly iterating your products and services and planning can go out the window when you are moving this fast. We believe that every startup needs a tool to help them manage their project communication well - ultimately, communication is the essence from which everything else is built.

We kept thinking of ways to help startups. And then...

Over a cup of coffee at a local barista we came up with The Jump Start Program. Every month, we will give out a free Plus account to a qualified startup.

What is DeskAway?
DeskAway is a cloud-based project collaboration tool that will help you get your projects done faster. Your entire team can get a birds-eye view of all project communication from a central location. It is better than old-school email or spreadsheet-based collaboration.

Why DeskAway?
Working fast and smart is a key ingredient every startup must possess and our software will help you along the way. Assign work, follow up, social share, duplicate processes and get your work done. DeskAway is extremely simple to use packed with powerful features.

The Program
Every qualified company gets:

The Deal

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Features your Startup will love:
  • Delegate and track tasks
  • Daily reminders to all team members
  • Central location for comments
  • Re-use projects
  • Clone & recurring tasks
  • Monitor work progress using reports
  • See work-load for individuals
  • Integrate with Google Apps
  • and more...
DeskAway is trusted by teams from 40+ countries around the world.