DeskAway Newsletter: December 2011

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Calendar Revamp

We released a new interface to the DeskAway calendar, and are excited to share it with you. The previous interface of the calendar worked well, though a lot of you'll wanted us to enhance it. We have been listening to all your feedback and released a much improved calendar. Hope you like it.

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Thumbnails & Image Previews

New Image Previews for Uploaded Files

All images uploaded before this feature previewed in a pop-up window. With the increasing use of popup blockers, we wanted to improve how we handled Image Previews. Our improved version of Image Preview displays the image on the same screen, inside a modal window. Want to download the image? We have a link inside the preview window. After uploading an image, a thumbnail is generated in real-time and is displayed side by side the image. It's good to get a quick preview of the image while working on your projects. Read More.

Happy Customer: FoxyMoron Digital Agency

DeskAway-it has become second nature at our workplace. It's Productivity Management + Project Management.: A Case Study

FoxyMoron is one of India's finest digital agency located in Mumbai. Their core service areas are Social Media, Web design & development, Print & identity design, Search Engine Optimization. In the last 3 years they have managed to work with some of the finest brands - Cadbury's, L'Oreal, SAB Miller, Castrol, High Street Phoenix, United Biscuits, Femina and Siyaram's etc.

Harshil Karia, Online Strategist at FoxyMoron shared his views on how his team uses DeskAway...

On providing value:

We did not use any tool before DeskAway. It is helping our team leaders to manage and allocate tasks better. DeskAway ensures that tasks are never forgotten. It also ensures medium term projects are completed on time and with clear milestones.

Most of our projects are 'ongoing' in nature. There was a particular application for one of our clients where multiple teams were involved. We were able to plan specific tasks, track productivity per employee, track issues, split the project into design, development and QC milestones, and then also ensure that small tasks were not left out.

On the learning curve:

Yes there was a small learning curve. We started using DeskAway with 1 small team. Once they were comfortable, we started using that pilot to ensure the rest of the teams latch on. Then, it was fairly quick.

On lowering costs and increasing efficiency:

It has improved efficiency most certainly. In a Digital Agency, every client has innumerable requests on a daily basis. On one particular client, we get close to 50 emails a day. The client's tasks are immediately logged into a project in DeskAway.

The client is also a user on DeskAway and cc'd on important tasks. The client thus sees efforts taken to increase productivity. This reflects good on our business :)

Earlier, a client had complained that we were not managing our work well. Thanks to DeskAway, the attitude has now changed. Tasks at our end are also not missed and the deadline feature ensures we work with sharper focus.

"DeskAway it" has become like second nature. We still have to be perfect about long term project planning using DeskAway. Short to medium-term projects are managed well so far by our team.

It is Productivity Management + Project Management.

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Did you know? DeskAway was included in Bessemer Venture Partners Cloudscape Infographic - A map of major cloud players!

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