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Top FAQs

1. Can I download DeskAway and use it on my own servers?
DeskAway cannot be locally hosted. It is an online service that we provide we take care of the hosting so you don't have to worry about technicalities and hosting.

2. How secure is DeskAway?
Please visit

3. Can we create permissions so that clients can log in to their own projects to check status, retrieve documents, etc?
Yes. DeskAway is completely permission based. Firstly, only people who are within a project can access the particular project. Others will not know about the project when they log in. Secondly, there is a user type called "Limited User" (others are Regular and Super) which has limited permissions and ideal for clients - they cannot add a project or add milestones. They will be able to login and add tasks, mark tasks as done, add comments, messages, files and docs etc.

4. How do I close a milestone?
A Milestone is closed automatically when all tasks & issues within it are completed. You cannot manually close a Milestone if it does not have a task or an issue.

5. Can I Assign a task to all my team members?
Tasks are assigned to one person but can be tracked by anyone else. Here are 3 ways to do this:
1. Create a task and assign it to everyone
2. Create a task and assign it to an user and cc anyone else.
3. Create an Open Task List and then add tasks within it.