Learn More About DeskAway

Basic questions you would ask about DeskAway.

1. Who is DeskAway for?
DeskAway is for teams collaborating on projects/ activities. This could be small to medium businesses, organizations, or groups within large enterprises e.g. creative and technology firms, consulting, HR, media, marketing, SEO, startups and non-profit organizations etc.

2. What exactly do I need to get/ use DeskAway?
It's simple - all you need is a web browser (IE/ Firefox/ Mozilla etc), an Internet connection (preferably high-speed). No need to download or install anything.

3. How much does DeskAway cost?
We have a free version of DeskAway that will let you manage 1 project with 3 people. Our paid plans go from $25 to $179 per month.

4. Will I be able to try DeskAway before paying for it?
Of course. Our free account lets you manage 1 project with 3 people till whenever you are comfortable to upgrade. Go ahead, give it a shot.

5. Can we run DeskAway on our own servers?
Nope. DeskAway is a software delivered on the Internet so you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

6. What about security? How secure will your servers be?
You can check out the security page for more information.

7. What's different about DeskAway?
DeskAway simplifies teamwork. We pack simplicity, power (feature-richness) and affordability into a service backed by a very responsive and humble customer service. We believe managing projects through email is so very old-school. Hence, each feature in DeskAway is carefully designed to get your team more system-driven.

8. What is a project?
A Project or an activity is anything that you or your team needs to get accomplished by working together. This could be a company activity/ event like Marketing Ideas 2007, Website Launch to a client project that your team is working on.

9. How are people using DeskAway?
Some of the popular uses of DeskAway are: managing client projects, software development, marketing projects, invoicing and contract management, document management, group communication, developing plans, event planning, team and contact management, report management, managing offsite (factory) work, idea generation and sharing etc.

10. How long does it take to setup my DeskAway account?
It only takes approx. 30 seconds to sign up and get started on your free account.

11. Can I ask users outside of my organization to participate in my DeskAway account?
Yes, this is one of the main benefits of using a hosted project management solution like DeskAway. You can invite people from anywhere and assign them to projects that you want to them to participate in.

12. Are there any IT requirements or downloads required to set up my DeskAway account?
No. You do not need to download any code or plan for any IT support. Simply signup online and get your DeskAway account running in less than a minute.

13. What are the advantages of a hosted project management tool vs. one that is on an in-house server?
No hardware or IT personnel investment, i.e. lower costs No software to download, configure or deploy Simple to use - anyone who has used a web-based program like Hotmail or Gmail can use this. Flexible - You pay as you grow. So, you can start with the lowest plan (i.e. the most inexpensive) and as you add more projects, users or file space you can upgrade to the higher paying plans.

14. What support will you give me?
All customers including those on the free plan are eligible for free support. Either email or visit our online customer service site at http://getsatisfaction.com/deskaway. We normally answer support queries within 24 hours (mostly, its even earlier).

15. Can I get my data if I need to discontinue?
Yes, all the data that you store on DeskAway is yours. Account Owners can request a full export/backup of all project data and download the zip file for offline use. Learn more.

16. How do I provide feedback?
Feel free to email us at anytime. If you have a feature request or a bug report, you can send us a note from within your DeskAway account (see the "Services" link at the top right corner once you log on). Our online customer service site at http://getsatisfaction.com/deskaway is also a good place to share feature requests and bug reports with other active members.

17. Which browser platforms are supported?
DeskAway is supported on IE 6 or 7 (PC), Mozilla/ Firefox 2 or higher (Mac, PC, or Linux), Safari 2 or higher (Mac). We recommend Firefox 3.

18. Where is DeskAway hosted?
DeskAway is hosted in a world-class secure server environment (hosted and professionally managed by Rackspace, a recognized leader in high-end hosting) that uses a dedicated firewall to prevent interference with outside intruders. You can check out the security page for more information.

19. I want to leave Basecamp. Is there a way to move my data to DeskAway?
Yes, of course. You can easily export your Basecamp projects and then use BaseEscape to import it to DeskAway. Learn more.

20. Does DeskAway support SSL security?
Yes, all Professional and higher plans have high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. This will make it very difficult for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers.