WiderFunnel Marketing, Vancouver, Canada

Sandra Dametto, Project Manager, shared her views on how she uses DeskAway

‘‘ The app itself is straightforward enough. ’’

WiderFunnel Marketing Inc. is a full-service marketing company and the developer of the industry-first Kaizen Method(tm) for continuously improving your online conversion rates on landing pages, microsites and web sites.

How are you using DeskAway and what value is it providing your team?
File management, collaboration, signoff, task assignment, project timeline.

Were you using any other tool before DeskAway?
Not since I've been with this company.

Was there a learning curve associated with DeskAway? How did your team adapt to a new application?
The app itself is straightforward enough. It's adapting processes that have taken longer - so "how" we use the tool.

What features does your team use the most?
Files, tasks, messages.

Are you emailing (sending tasks, attachments etc.) less because of DeskAway? How has DeskAway helped in lowering project costs, profitability or improving efficiency?
It improves efficiency to have files and comments on files centralized. That is a great benefit in a collaborative environment and also to manage workflow/approvals.

Are there any other thoughts that you would want to share with us regarding our service, product etc.?
Yes. It would be a HUGE improvement to your product/service if the task lists templates were editable. We are constantly improving our process and making changes to our standard task list. It would be good to be able to access a template, and then edit and save changes so that the next time I select the template, the new changes would be included. Instead, how it works now is that I have to create a new project and new task list from scratch - just so I can add a new task to the list.

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