Uncharted Shores, Wisconsin, USA

Natalie A. Schloesser, shared her views on how she uses DeskAway

‘‘ Once I got into the DeskAway interface, I knew it would be perfect for our company! ’’

We are a website design and development company focusing on small to mid sized businesses. I spent months searching around for the perfect project management software; even subscribed to a different one for awhile. Once I got into the DeskAway interface, I knew it would be perfect for our company! No more searching for emails or files in your inbox, everything is all in one place - wrapped up in one neat little package for my contractors all over the world to see.

How are you using DeskAway and what value is it providing your team?
We use DeskAway to manage our website design projects and keep in contact with contractors around the world. It has increased communication between the steps - from sales, to designer, to developer, to the people that maintain my cloud servers. DeskAway makes any project information easily accessible at any time; preventing the sending and re-sending of emails.

Were you using any other tool before DeskAway?
Yes! I researched project management apps for months, tried 2 different ones, "settled" on one for about a year, but continued to look because we weren't completely happy with its functionality and interface. DeskAway changed all that; it fits perfectly with our needs.

Was there a learning curve associated with DeskAway? How did your team adapt to a new application?
Very little, if any! My team finds it extremely intuitive and easy to use. From contractors that had not used a project management app before, to those who had used our previous app, they all found the transition to be quite smooth.

What features does your team use the most?
Messages, Docs, and Files.

Are you emailing (sending tasks, attachments etc.) less because of DeskAway? How has DeskAway helped in lowering project costs, profitability or improving efficiency?
Absolutely! We are definitely emailing less, and personally when I receive a message from a team member via DeskAway, I find it easy to login, answer any questions, and then delete the email - knowing it's saved in DeskAway. DeskAway itself is extremely cost effective, and as a whole has improved our efficiency as a team.

Thank you DeskAway!

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