Superchooha, Mumbai, India

Aditya Rao, Co-founder, shared his views on how he uses DeskAway

Superchooha saves 48 minutes per team member per day: A Case study

Superchooha is a Social Business Communications firm from Mumbai, India. What that means is that we use social media to engage customers with brands, and teams within the organisation for efficient business operations.

We believe in spreading social everywhere on the web. Things on the social web change every second, in real time, and so do requirements of our projects. It was all fine when we had just started with a two person team but things got real ugly now that we have expanded, handling clients like ICICI Prudential and Idea Cellular with colossal frequencies of user touchpoints.

Information and tasks assigned used to get lost in mails, we had tons of papers on the notice board to remind us of stuff. Things were never seamless. We finalized on DeskAway after a lot of test runs with Basecamp and such, and it was worth it. We are actually saving around 48 minutes per day per member now. Things get done on time. We know who is accountable for certain task, who is working efficiently etc. We can assign tasks seamlessly via mails. In addition, we can easily work from home if need arises.

In short, it's been a lifesaver :)

Superchooha Team

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