Red Fez Social Media Services, WA, Australia

David Jardine, Proprietor, shared his views on how he uses DeskAway

I love the system, definitely 5 Stars *****: A Case Study

Red Fez Social Media Services provides consultation and development services to small businesses seeking to expand their social media presence. We specialize in integrating marketing and promotions into social media channels to create customer engagement, feedback and positioning.

David Jardine, Proprietor, Red Fez Social Media Services shared his views on how he uses DeskAway.....

How are you using DeskAway and what value is it providing your team? Were you using any other tool or method before DeskAway?
DeskAway has enabled our team to streamline our business process at every stage. We use it to track sales enquiries and manage our Business Developers, as well as systematize our development cycle for each client. The template feature has allowed us to gain a lot of efficiency with monthly repeating tasks for clients, as well as to build in checks and measures in our programming work-flow. As most of our team is offshore and at multiple locations, having one central interface for communication and collaboration has been really helpful.

Can you give a specific incident or example when DeskAway was really useful when managing or getting a project completed?
We used DeskAway when planning the work-flow for a complex development project which involved multiple social media accounts, 2 main Internet properties and an online support desk. Being able to break this up into Project, Milestones and Task Lists allowed us to keep a very clear picture of our progress. We were able to complete the project under deadline and under budget.

Was there a learning curve associated with DeskAway? How did your team adapt to a new application?
The learning curve was very shallow. Each team member has been able to adopt the system within a day or two, including Clients that log in for the first time. The interface is clean and minimal and lets the work be the focus of the page. Our Business Developers are also able to interact directly with our Developers and Management so they can get speedy answers to enquiries or questions, which reduces lead time significantly.

What features does your team use the most?
Mostly right now we use the Milestones and Projects most frequently, with Messaging coming in third. We are still getting the hang of using the internal messaging system instead of email, it's a hard habit to break.

Are you emailing (sending tasks, attachments etc.) less because of DeskAway?
Not right now, I would say the messaging is seen as a notification system to alert people of Tasks or work-flow items. Comments on Tasks are common although I'd like to see this move more toward using Messaging more centrally.

How has DeskAway helped in lowering project costs, profitability or improving efficiency?
Being able to Template our repeating Monthly Tasks has helped to streamline the internal process and make sure all checks and measures are in place and adhered to each Project. This has increased accountability and decreased errors so our clients are happier and our quality of service is higher.

Are there any other thoughts that you would want to share with us regarding our service, product etc.?
I love the system, although I'd like to see some more granular levels of access control. That's something I will email the developers about though, they are very responsive and open to input - which in my line of work is critical.

Definitely 5 Stars ***** !!

Thanks David and good luck with your business!

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