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Craig Caplan, Project Manager, shared his views on how he uses DeskAway

With improved productivity comes improved profitability as we are utilizing staff resources more successfully.: A Case Study

Matan Media offers a range of services including but not exclusively; search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, social media marketing and pay per click management services.

Craig Caplan (Head of Client Services / Project Manager), Matan Media, shared his views on how he uses DeskAway.....

How are you using DeskAway and what value is it providing your team? Were you using any other tool or method before DeskAway?
DeskAway is used by our SEO team in order to manage all the various projects and tasks they are involved in day to day. The management team also use it for internal projects and to time manage employees. Before DeskAway some members of staff were using Basecamp but not effectively.

Can you give a specific incident or example when DeskAway was really useful when managing or getting a project completed?
One of our clients has a wide range of departments and DeskAway has allowed us to manage all the tasks and prioritize correctly. Furthermore we have been able to include the client as a Limited User so they can see what we are working on and what is still left to complete. DeskAway has enabled us to thoroughly manage this project without wasting time creating unnecessary documents and reports that DeskAway easily creates for us.

Was there a learning curve associated with DeskAway? How did your team adapt to a new application?
As with any new software or tool there is always a period of time where the team needs to get used to use to it. DeskAway is very user friendly with a simple interface. Each day the team finds new ways to improve their use of DeskAway and this helps improve our productivity.

What features does your team use the most?
The main feature we use is the task lists and its ability to add files and comment with clear set of deadlines. One problem we had prior to DeskAway was that no one really thought about time spent on work and left a clear audit trail as to the work they had done. The task list and comment feature helped solve this issue.

Are you emailing (sending tasks, attachments etc.) less because of DeskAway?
The decrease in emails has not been as great as we had hoped but we are starting to use DeskAway more than email. There is still work to be done in this particular area.

How has DeskAway helped in lowering project costs, profitability or improving efficiency?
DeskAway has definitely helped improve the efficiency of our workers as it is now much easier for them to see the "bigger picture" of a project and in turn for us to monitor time spent on various tasks. With improved productivity comes improved profitability as we are utilizing staff resources more successfully.

Thanks Craig and good luck with your business!

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