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Darrell Keezer, CEO, shared his views on how he uses DeskAway

We evaluated three major online PM systems with live projects before we chose DeskAway, and DeskAway was the only program that fulfilled all of our requirements: A Case Study

Candybox Marketing is a leading Digital Marketing Agency, specializing in Google Adwords campaigns and custom Facebook Pages. With offices in Los Angeles & Toronto and team members across the continent, Candybox was looking to replace their spreadsheet collaborations with an easy-to-use online software. They are now launching new web-presences for Fortune 500 companies with the help of DeskAway, and were able to eliminate all of their old systems.

Here is the CEO, Darrell Keezer's email to his team after they zero'ed in on DeskAway.

          Hey All!

I have spent the past two days learning / evaluating / trying / testing and getting frustrated with a number of online tools to help us collaborate better on projects. Though my experience with online tools, they are really only as useful as people contribute to them, and people only contribute if it is quick and easy. Here are the main things that I was looking for in an online tool: Yesterday I narrowed our search down to three vendors, Fogbugz, DeskAway & Basecamp - all online paid services that should be able to meet our needs. After creating projects in each of them, I have found DeskAway to be the best tool that matches all of our requirements above. If you have received login / task information from Fogbugz or Basecamp, please disregard, I have deleted these test accounts.

Here are the coolest features that I have found with DeskAway that we will all enjoy! With a simple online project system, we will be able to ensure everyone is informed of work that needs to be done, timelines and communicate with other team members across the country.

I would now ask that everyone could do the following to help the launch of DeskAway: I will be sending through your log in information now, so give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

Thank you Darrell for giving us permission to reuse parts of the email.

If you are using DeskAway and would like to get featured, please drop us a note and we will get in touch with you.