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Davis Cartwright , Director, Landscape Architect Prisma Partners Ltd.
‘‘ DeskAway has got some robust, well thought out features that are perfect for collaborating and coordinating from our 3 operational locations. Good simple user-friendly interface too, especially as I've found that while researching for a good tool, humans have an unnecessary penchant to complicate things. ’’

Phyllis Neill , President, CEO, WeMentor Social Media Marketing
‘‘ I am really loving DeskAway. I must have done a trial test on over 15 different products, and I used Basecamp for 6 months without real success. In your product I FINALLY found some of the key components that I really needed for my team, such as: I am very grateful for this product! ’’

Darrell Keezer, CEO, Candybox Marketing
‘‘ We evaluated three major online PM systems with live projects before we chose DeskAway, and DeskAway was the only program that fulfilled all of our requirements. ’’ Read his email to his team about why he chose DeskAway.

‘‘ terms of a better collaborative tool for teams, I'm leaning toward DeskAway and am starting to use it for tracking two new projects where I've brought on contractors. ’’

‘‘ DeskAway listed as one of the 270 Tools for Running a Business Online. ’’

‘‘ A small but rising number of Indian startups like FusionCharts, Zoho,, Tringme, DeskAway, Kayako are storming the US and world markets, without so much as moving out of their cubicles in India. Nasscom has hailed these startups as the third wave of India's IT revolution. ’’

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010 Organising Committee
‘‘ DeskAway effectively helped our 15 member team to capture and manage the marketing and logistics related tasks for the entire event. It helped reduce the internal communication overhead (which normally happens via email) and helped us to focus on execution of the event. ’’

Business Software

‘‘ DeskAway's feature set is exhaustive, but suffice to say it can definitely hold its own against more well-known competitors, because it provides the project creation, task and resource management, and milestone-related features you love with a simple to use interface and boss-friendly reporting options. ’’

‘‘ Of course, in a project management framework, the key to successfully implementing social networking features will be knowing when to stop, which is probably why DeskAway is doing a gradual, multi-staged release, rather than a single overhaul ’’


‘‘ DeskAway makes each step in the process of creating a new project simple. It also includes explanations right on the page, along with demo videos. You get the choice of of turning the helpful tips on and off - I was comfortable taking off the training wheels after a few minutes. ’’

Lamees Abourahma, Founder, Web Bright Consulting
‘‘ I just want to say that you guys have created a fantastic tool! The more I use DeskAway and discover new features the more I like it. I just discovered the Report feature - how handy and how amazing. This is a great feature I can use for myself and to communicate with my client. You've made my life much better with your wonderful tool. Thank you so much! ’’

Appvita DeskAway Rating

Martin, WisdomTitles
‘‘ DeskAway is working really great for us. In fact, I've been scouring the Internet for the best PM application, trying out at least 15 PM apps. Hands down, DeskAway combines the best of all worlds. ’’

Farihan Bahrin, Web Content Manager, Corporate Communications, Singapore International Foundation
‘‘ I've used DeskAway for a few days now and already I feel that the environment is better than Basecamp. The interface and navigation features are straightforward; critical features are placed upfront while less important ones are still accessible but hidden away...Fortunately, even our project staff in their 50s are finding it easy to use DeskAway, so that is a great achievement. ’’

Brad Hill, Director, Customer Services Interlink, Inc.
‘‘ DeskAway beat out MS Project and Basecamp in our evaluations based on features vs. cost and we think it's a great product. ’’

Matthew, raramuridesign
‘‘ You know why I will continue to support your SAAS system? Because you are quick to reply, take suggestions and implement these suggestions. Its been a great turnaround for our company. ’’

Henry Baum, Appvita
‘‘ Basically, DeskAway has everything you need in terms of project management. Other competing apps need to be supplemented with yet another app, but this is not the case with DeskAway. Additionally, it’s easy to use and set up – you should have the hang of it and suiting your needs within an hour. ’’

Andrew Green,
‘‘ I am simply loving the new features!!! Particularly allowing Super Users to see all Projects. Buck for Buck and feature for feature DeskAway is one the best PM tools I've ever worked it. Even more GREAT Usability. ’’

Justin Brooke,
‘‘ Fantastic product. We use it daily and couldn't run our business without it, literally! ’’

Drew Goldstein, e-Commerce Director, Jay Robb Enterprises, Inc.
‘‘ We just upgraded to the professional level this week. We really like DeskAway. It's a great program. Now I know why you are one of the top start-up companies in your country. ’’

‘‘ Importantly, the software is not just meant for techie people. Marketing, human resources and any functional aspect of a business enterprise that requires to manage teams and clients can use this solution. ’’

‘‘ This application definitely helps in creating a more system-driven environment. ’’

TeamGail, FL, USA
‘‘ I am really enjoying DeskAway. It has great features and a nice user interface. AND it's very simple to use. ’’

Hendrik Kuhl, Consultant
‘‘ DeskAway is great, I compared and tested many other applications, including Basecamp and Google Apps and have to say that your application is definitely the best. I think that your great support is a very strong differentiator and was a very important factor that let to our decision to choose DeskAway. ’’

Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource
‘‘ It's great to see a useful, clean and well thought out software as a service app from India. Services like these help people work faster and smarter. The future of software is here. ’’

Rajiv Dingra,
‘‘ DeskAway is a very simple easy to use project management software. ’’

‘‘ DeskAway is an online, on-demand Project Management tool that is both intuitive and comprehensive. ’’

‘‘ DeskAway is very simple to understand and implement. Within a matter of an hour, I was completely set up, had three projects entered and was ready to go. ’’

Pranav Dharma,
‘‘ DeskAway has been very well designed and was surprisingly very fast when I took a test drive. Within no time, I was able to create a project, set tasks, add team members etc. I was pretty impressed with the service. ’’

Sumedh Inamdar,
‘‘ The UI has a clean, uncluttered look and the response time was pretty fast as well. Thumbs up to the team at Synage for a very clean looking SaaS product. ’’

Bas de Baar,
‘‘ The world is getting flat. Projects teams are collaborating virtually, globally and around the clock. With people multi-tasking beyond compare, the need to put all the collective information and knowledge in one place has shifted from 'nice to have' to essential. DeskAway does exactly this. It prevents us from sliding away in todays flattened environment. ’’

‘‘ has many desirable features for a project management application. The privacy settings are important, users like to have control over their material and who sees it. seems to be a very organized and useful application. ’’

Chris Peters, Managing Director, Functional Methods
‘‘ With DeskAway, everyone is on the same page - that results in transparency, accountability and clarity. Partnering with DeskAway to deploy Functional Methods online client workspaces is one of the best business decisions that we have made. ’’

Kelli R. Claypool, Owner, Briefcase Diva
‘‘ I am very impressed with how quickly Sahil got back to me in answering my questions initially. Your friendliness and product is exceptional and one that my business will use for many years to come. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product! ’’

Crockett Dunn, Founder, Crockett Dunn, LLC
‘‘ DeskAway may very well have saved Crockett Dunn, LLC's business during a 6 month transition from a "mom-and-pop" size company to a national, soon to be global operation. ’’

Susan Fletcher, Ph.D.
‘‘ Vistage CEO group introduced me to DeskAway that is going to help us manage daily tasks in our office and I am finding myself telling everyone. ’’

‘‘ This is another program with a lot functionality. With new, fresh ideas I didn't see on any other program. The development team thought through every step. Almost no lack of good usability or any other flaws. ’’

‘‘ I have looked at a lot of project management apps so you have a small champion here. ’’

Aditi Sheth-Kejriwal, CTO, Parksons Games & Sports
‘‘ We were impressed with the user-friendliness of the Dashboard (and general interface) and relieved that we could finally organize our relatively newer projects and business models. ’’

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