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How does it work?
DeskAway is helping thousands of small businesses, teams, startups, freelancers etc. to grow their business by becoming more productive and efficient.

DeskAway Affiliate Process

If you like DeskAway or want to help someone else become more productive then why not spread the word? In return, we pay you 20% of the referred customer's subscription for the lifetime of the customer.

The affiliate program is best suited for a business owner working with other business owners (consulting, coaching, web design, development, teaching etc.) or freelancers who are looking for ways to manage virtual teams and projects.

With our Affiliate Program you will receive:
  • 20% lifetime commissions
  • Unique URL to send customers to
  • Cookie to allow our site to "remember" your referrals

Earnings Calculator

If one referrer upgrades Your 1st month earning 12 months earnings
Super Power Plan ($179/month)$36/month$432
Power Plan ($99/month)$20/month$240
Plus Plan ($49/month)$10/month$120
Professional Plan ($25/month)$5/month$60

Becoming a DeskAway Affiliate is very easy, free and straight-forward. Start earning recurring revenue today by signing up for free.

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